Interaction design

As interaction designer, I design strong user experiences. Based on the needs of the client and the users, I structure and visualise the strategy from a creative concept to a user-friendly and feasible design.

Healthcare portal

This digital environment for healthcare professionals needed an improved structure and flow. I created these wireframes to show the new structure and they were used as a briefing for visual design and development. Commissioned by an American consultancy firm for a major healthcare company.

SGS Digicomply

This food compliance startup from Switzerland wanted to improve the experience for new users of their application. I reviewed their current screens and designed tutorial panels that gradually exposing the features over time. I also designed four UI directions that would clarify the interface even further.

Amersfoort Vernieuwt

The municipality of Amersfoort improves its neighbourhoods together with housing corporations. This site shows the different projects that are being executed. For this redesign I created the interaction design based on modern best practices and the client's wishes. It served as the groundwork for the graphic designers. Commissioned by Codepress.

Belgacom / Proximus

For this communication service provider, we created the mobile website at, so consumers can find the most important product info using their smartphone. As creative lead I advised the client, created the interaction design, was responsible for the design process and guarded the quality during development.


At I worked for this leading car-sharing service. Together with the client, we improved conversion of the prospect site, expanded the self service features and improved the booking process on desktop and mobile.

Ikazia hospital Rotterdam

Because of the broad user group, a clear website structure was key. I thoroughly analysed the information architecture and translated it into a full blown interaction design, which served as the briefing for the graphic designer and the developers.

ConSensor 2.0

For this service that monitors the strength of young concrete, I designed the complete online user interface. The application flow, the different screens for all user roles, even down to the error messages.

Some of the clients I’ve worked for

Van Lanschot Bankiers Allianz Etos Rijkswaterstaat Belgacom Greenwheels Audi Ikazia ziekenhuis Vogelbescherming

I create

  • use cases
  • user research
  • usability tests
  • flowcharts
  • sitemaps
  • personas
  • wireframes
  • functional descriptions
  • user experience (UX) designs
  • user interface (UI) designs
  • prototypes
  • expert reviews
  • interaction guidelines

user interface designs

A good interface is essential, especially for complex applicaties. I love to bring order to the chaos and design a clean user interface based on popular design patterns and frameworks.

expert reviews

I conduct elaborate reviews of existing sites, apps or other interfaces. I investigate the full user experience and come back with a set of clear improvements, based on its goals.

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Other examples of my work

Sketches for a creative concept

iPhone game concept level design

Wireframes for the mobile site with locations

I also like to work on personal projects to try out ideas and gather new knowledge.

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